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DAR Compilation Vol. 3
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Dark Ambient Radio Vol. 3

Available at your favorite regional mailorder:

Order at Black Drone Black Drone
Order at Cold Spring Cold Spring
Order at InfraRot InfraRot
Order at Malignant Malignant
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DAR Compilation Vol. 2
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Dark Ambient Radio Vol. 2

Available at your favorite regional mailorder:

Order at Black Drone Black Drone
Order at InfraRot InfraRot
Order at Drone Records Drone Records
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Order at Malignant Malignant
Order at Minor Minor
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DAR Compilation Vol. 1
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Review auf Kulturterrorismus
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Review auf Club Debil
Reseña de Mentenebre

Compilation includes tracks by Ah Cama-Soz & All Sides, Dark Muse & Nihil Communication, Evoke Scurvee, False Mirror, Megatone, Mytrip, Nagual Art, Phelios, Phobos, Stephen Parsick, and Svartsinn

Available at your favorite mailorder:
DAR Vol. 3 Tracklist Now Fixed
You will find these tracks on the coming Dark Ambient Radio Vol. 3 compilation:

Aspectee - The Element
Nepenthe - The Inner Circle of Endless Slumber
Valerio Orlandini - Macerie
Mortaja - Hypsoma
Aspectee & Sjelløs - Deep Stare
Crepuscular - Mechanised Cataclysm
Myth Industries & Sjelløs - Miasma
Sjellos - Fainting Memory
Stephen Parsick - Babylon´s Strange
Winterbound - Fearing The Dawn
Mytrip - Small Humyn

Exclusive pre-order offer will soon be sent out to all registered users.
There will be silence on May the 18th afternoon since I'm moving within Hamburg. If I'm receiving pomo or demo stuff from you, please change the address in your list: Hermann-Kauffmann-Str. 4b, 22307 Hamburg.
Rules for Taking Part in the DAR Vol.3 Compilation Project
Rule 1: Don't ask for rules, propose them! Don't ask for a leader, be one! Everyone is equally responsible for making this a success.

Rule 2: You may present one solo track. To give collaboration tracks a little advantage, three additional submissions are allowed under the condition that each track is done with another collaborator with whom one has never collaborated before and who has as well officially announced himself/herself as in rule 3. So, for example, submit a maximum of four collaboration tracks or one solo and three collaboration tracks.

Rule 3: You state that you are part of this by posting to the official Vol.3 thread till 1st of March.

Rule 4: You shall commit your track(s) till 1st of June or they won't be recognized. Tracks have to be delivered solely to me via a file sending service. (Use the contact form of this website to submit the download link). The format should be a .wav file with 44.1 kHz sampling rate and 24 bit depth. It should contain project name and title in the filename.

Rule 5: The title of the release will be "Dark Ambient Radio Vol. 3 -- Muzak for the Final Elevation". It's thought to work as a theme and sure: it's a bit blurry. Just let it inspire you. It's not there to restrict you. If you are confused by it, just ignore it. The amount of CDs produced will be 500. Wholesale price will be 6€ + VAT, an end customer price of 12€ (incl. VAT) should be recommended.

Rule 6: After 1st of June the tracks are being made available to all participants to judge and rate them. Only those are allowed to vote who actually provided a track. You will have one month till 1st of July to make up your mind and put all tracks in an order (give n points to the track most liked, give 1 point to the track least liked, where n is the number of submitted tracks). The tracks will only be marked with letters to identify them and the voting will be done via a website where you can enter your rating (everyone will get a so called 'token', so only one rating can be done by each participant). This way, the vote is double-anonymous. The best rated tracks will make it on the compilation as long as there is space. Don't give hints about your track or praise any track in July, vote silently!

Rule 7: The track length has to range from 5 to 7 minutes. Everything else will be rejected. You are fully responsible that your track is free of the rights of others (especially those of collecting societies). The track has to be exclusively produced for the comp and not already been published or about to be published elsewhere.

Rule 8: Everyone will get 4 authors copies. Each participant is allowed to 'buy' additional copies from the project for 4 € per CD (incl. VAT / excl. postage, if not sent together with the authors copies) at any time as long as there is stock left.

Rule 9: Everyone whose track made it on the comp is expected to help pre-financing the project with an amount she/he thinks is affordable -- at least the postage to send the authors copies. For 500-1000 CDs, around 1000€ have to be mobilized. (Chrematophobians are ok to not participate in pre-financing and will not be bothered with possible revenues that may be collected by sales one day but they will get their authors copies anyway.) On 1st of March, I will prepare a restricted forum area here, where everyone has time till 1st of July to tell the amount they want to contribute for financing (and can raise their sum at any time before 1st of July). Only those who made it on the comp are bound to their bid. Those who spent the most money will be paid back first. I will make sure that total transparency is maintained by sending around an accounting statement every full year.

Rule 10: Be fair, cooperative, ambitious, creative, and do your thing. Keep pushing the limits of musical expression within the realm of the style that is called dark ambient.
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DAR Compilation Vol. 4
Vol. 4 will be reserved for C3S artists. Estimated release not before 2016.

From the 30 projects that have expressed their interest, twelve have actually managed to register a user account till 30th of June (the deadline) and got access to the restricted forum area where we will brew the comp. (If I forgot one, please send me a message!). The projects are:

Angular Dreams
Argyre Planitia
Cyborg Project
Morgen Wurde
[ówt krì]
Secret Druid Society
Unsettled Dust

Find more information here.

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