26 Vol.2 Contributions Collected -- Now Voting
Geschrieben von DarkAmbient am September 15 2009 - 04:17:09
Check out the official thread that constitutes Volume 2 of the Dark Ambient Radio compilation. Projects that have actually contributed a track:

 Project Name
User Name Here
 Adipocire  adipocire  myspace.com/adipocire  
 Ah Cama-Sotz
 Camanecro  ahcama-sotz.com  
 Ahnst Anders  Ahnst Anders  myspace.com/ahnstanders  
 Apkallu Apkallu  myspace.com/apkallumusick  
 Aspectee  goettel  myspace.com/aspectee  
 Arkhitektur Noir  Arkhitektur Noir  myspace.com/arkhitekturnoir  
 Cisfinitum    on www.archive.org  
 Crepuscular  CrepusculaR  CrepusculaR.com.ar  
 Deflax   deflax  deflax.net  
 Enzo Cage
  enzo_cage  www.enzocage.de  
 False Mirror
  False Mirror  www.falsemirror.de  
 Hands of Ruin
 colin_zr  handsofruin.com 
 Inner Vision Laboratory
 Inner Vision Laboratory  myspace.com/ivlab  
 J Orphic  J Orphic  myspace.com/jorphic  
 Lycopolis  Lycopolis  myspace.com/lycopolis  
 Megatone  megatone  myspace.com/httpwwwmegatonecom  
 Mytrip  vile  myspace.com/mytrip  
 Nagual Art  volador  myspace.com/nagualart  
 Phelios  Phelios  phelios.de  
 Phobos  Doomcore  myspace.com/phobosdna  
 Stephen Parsick  Tektonik
 Synthetic Mind Decay  synthetic mind decay  www.syntheticminddecay.com  
 Tholen  Eisen  myspace.com/tholenambient  
 Troum    myspace.com/troum  
 Wach  tnc  www.myspace.com/wachsein  

The vote ends on October the 1st. Only 10 or 11 tracks are expected to be part of DAR Vol.2.