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DAR Compilation Vol. 3
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Dark Ambient Radio Vol. 3

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Dark Ambient Radio Vol. 2

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Reseńa de Mentenebre

Compilation includes tracks by Ah Cama-Soz & All Sides, Dark Muse & Nihil Communication, Evoke Scurvee, False Mirror, Megatone, Mytrip, Nagual Art, Phelios, Phobos, Stephen Parsick, and Svartsinn

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The Large am December 05 2022 - 09:37:29
"L'age d'or II" is a long composition...
Seelenkrank am December 05 2022 - 08:31:00
Stream stuck since yesterday smiley
The Large am October 19 2022 - 20:04:42
War is coming, man.
DarkAmbient am September 09 2022 - 14:00:48
Possible disruption of service on 16th of September due to connecting to the fiber network.
DarkAmbient am July 12 2022 - 13:45:04
Just added an in-browser streaming option for Firefox users.
DarkAmbient am July 12 2022 - 13:43:57
@lartemer It's from Hetzaliel, Album "Falling on Earth"
lartemer am June 30 2022 - 20:54:24
Hello Guys! Can't find track 2-darkness in my heart , help good ppl
CrepusculaR am December 31 2021 - 23:57:28
Happy New Year !! Lets make 2022 full of amazing muzak ! Cheers !!
CrepusculaR am November 26 2021 - 02:53:06
always there is an amazing muzak selecta' here. regards !
Seelenkrank am September 25 2021 - 14:19:36
thx 4 wake up the server! smiley
Seelenkrank am September 25 2021 - 12:14:46
no, server crashed i would guess. we need to wait until it is fixed.
kalima am September 24 2021 - 23:57:06
Hello. I noticed that the same track name has been listed for a couple of days and I don't get any sound when I click on Listen. Is everything ok?
HvT am September 23 2021 - 06:44:32
Hello mates.
The Large am September 15 2021 - 19:04:25
Hello, good evening, good afternoon.
DarkAmbient am September 02 2021 - 18:48:14
@milenista Niestety, jest tu tylko muzyka. smiley Jeśli chcesz coś fizycznego, polecam Dark Ambient Radio Vol 1-3 CDs.
CrepusculaR am September 02 2021 - 02:03:27
After long day, listening to DAR feels so refreshing. Emission works flawless. Cheers !
milenista am August 30 2021 - 00:46:40
Przydał by się sklep dla sympatyków radia smiley sam bym coś chętnie zakupił ,kubek, koszulkę czy czapkę z logo stacji, pozdrawiam wszystkich miłośników
DarkAmbient am August 04 2021 - 12:54:59
I tweaked the VM yesterday night a bit, if you wondered about playback problems.
DarkAmbient am July 23 2021 - 15:19:30
Sorry for the outage. The VM had a good run on the new SSD, but still a reboot every 2-3 months seems necessary.
Seelenkrank am June 07 2021 - 17:47:33
again a update from the server in the pipeline? (got again stuttering since today).
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30 May : 14:55
must have happened on Friday before noon. just happens smiley

30 May : 09:40
silence detection ... I really have to tackle this issue as the deck part of the broadcasting software tends to freeze every few months. (I was, of course, away over the weekend.)

06 Apr : 15:08
thank you smiley

06 Apr : 12:44
gave the virtual machine more cpu cores and main memory. hope this helps...

06 Apr : 11:43
... sorry for interruptions due to background updates currently.

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